What is CLTleads?

After working with hundreds of managers in my roles in Organizational and Talent Development, I've realized a few things: 

  • Companies don't offer enough professional development 
  • When development is offered, it's usually a one size fits all approach
  • Development is expensive
  • Training doesn't stick because leaders don't get tangible "how" behaviors that are needed to actually change

This is why I've created CLTLeads: to have a hub for Charlotte leaders to grow, network, and hone the skills to take them to the next level. 

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Who am I? 

A mother. A wife. An overachiever. I've got two amazing children - Jillian (3) and Emmett (8 months) - and a husband, Matt, that supports me in everything I try. After realizing that motherhood is not a hobby, I'm launching CLTleads to fulfill the overachiever in me. I love reality TV, red wine, and being outside.