Hey, I'm Tess. I help young professionals take charge of their personal brand, recognize how they need to grow, and create action plans to get there. Because if we don't create our own development plans, who will?

I'm creating a talent revolution in the workplace, where leaders think about people before results.

I believe that the hidden messages we send at work make or break us.

our hidden messages can foster strong, performing relationships ...

Or create toxic ones.

What types of relationships are you creating? Let me help you uncover the messages you're really communicating.

What is CLTleads?

A company committed to closing the gap between what 21st century leadership should look like and what it currently looks like:

  • Companies don't offer enough leadership development
  • When development is offered, it's a one size fits all approach
  • Development is expensive, and not only do those who work for mid-size and small businesses miss out, but self-employed business owners also can't afford leadership classes
  • People need tangible "how" behaviors catered to their specific needs to actually change
  • Young professionals and new managers struggle the most