CLT Leads is a virtual consulting company.

Everything offered is online. So you can do it in your pajamas. On your lunch break. First thing in the morning. While you're walking your dog.

Well that one might be tough.


I believe that good leadership comes down to ONE THING. Intention.

I believe it so deeply that I wrote an Ebook. And it's free.

Plus, if you download this it'll show you that I know what I'm talking about. And you'll learn some new tips for increasing your awesomeness as a leader. And you can share it with anyone you want. 


I talk a lot about crazy leadership topics, like using empathy to show people you care, knowing your personality style so you can understand your triggers, and that traditional leadership training doesn't work. 

Things that most companies don't talk about. Or care about. But I do. These are the things that will make you an exceptional leader because they made me an exceptional leader. 

Here's one of my latest talks. 

It's called Employees Aren't Prey. I share some easy ways to make sure you're not the kind of leader who puts others on edge because they never know when you're going to pounce. 

I also do a signature finger pointing move that shows up everywhere you guys. 


I specialize in action planning. Identifying the things you most need to work on and how to achieve them. 

 Because that's the only thing that worked for me. I had to find for myself the actual behaviors that would help me grow. 

And I don't want you to have to go through that. It's tough. And frustrating.

Tess picture 2.jpg

So if you've made it this far then I'm betting you're starting to believe in me. 

But let's not stop there. 

Let me prove it to you.

Because I'm a high achiever and won't stop until you believe me.

Join the CLT Leads Community. You won't be disappointed.