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Tools and Quick Reference Guides

Giving Positive Feedback

Are you guilty of just saying "good job" and not elaborating on why you think the employee did a good job? If so, you're not giving positive feedback. Including specific actions and the results of those actions when you say "good job" is an easy way to increase employee engagement. Positive feedback isn't just a compliment!

Positive Feedback Quick Reference Guide

High Risk Behaviors

We all have them. High risk behaviors, also known as our jerk behaviors, show up when we're stressed or frustrated or when we don't like the person we're working with (or for). Use this quick guide to identify your high risk behaviors and how changeable they are.

Jerk Behaviors Tool

Infographic: The Value of Change Management

Do you help people get past the "it's not going to happen" wall when a new project launches? This infographic covers the basics of Change Management and introduces a set of tools that all leaders should consider when they are leading or sponsoring a change. 

Change Management Infographic




If you're leading your employees with "gotcha!" moments and surprising them with feedback, chances are they feel like prey and are always waiting for you to pounce. 

This DISRUPTHR talk covers the critical things leaders should be aware of so that they don't fall into this trap!

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