Are you Dominant, an Influencer, Steady, or Conscientious?

Yesterday I facilitated a DISC session (read more about DISC here). Have you taken DISC before? It breaks down personality types into four categories - Dominant, Influencer, Steady, or Conscientious. It's a great way to not only learn about yourself but to categorize others so that you know how to best interact together.

Here's the basic breakdown:

DISC model, from The Ken Blanchard Companies

DISC model, from The Ken Blanchard Companies

Start by identifying if the person is an introvert or extrovert. That will determine if they're in the top half of the chart or bottom half.

Then, decide if they are control-oriented or accept-oriented (Tip: If the person is sitting in a cold meeting room, would he/she be more likely to change the temperature or not say anything?). 

Those indicators will place the person into one or two quadrants:
Dominance - Results driven, confident, sees the big picture, oftentimes blunt, accepts challenges, risk taker, straight talker

Influence - Values people and relationships, enthusiastic and naturally optimistic, talks a lot, collaborative, very open

Steady - Dependable, cooperative, calm and quiet approach, very supportive, likes to know others expectations

Conscientious - Values quality and accuracy, very driven and independent, loves the details, opinionated, hates being wrong

I love DISC and I use it with every leader I coach.