The Most Important Behavior You're Not Paying Attention To

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I have a big ego, and if I'm not intentional and identify situations when it might come out, then I find myself saying nice things but not sounding nice.

You know what I mean.

One of the biggest things I see holding young professionals back is ego. The "my idea is the best idea" mentality, the afraid to be wrong mentality, the "I'll do what it takes" mentality. 

What it takes is letting go of ego and being open to not being the smartest or most accomplished person in the room. Or the one who's always right. That last one runs rampant, because with it comes the misconception that being right is the only way to get ahead.

When in fact, it's admitting that you weren't right that gets you the most credibility. 

On my best days I keep ego in check by examining my intentions before I enter a meeting or conversation. What happens if I'm not right? Will I be ok if someone's idea is better than mine? Or someone speaks up more than me? (Shocker: the answer is always, always yes)

And on my worst days, when I fail at this, I give myself grace and commit to trying again tomorrow.