Three Behaviors Holding You Back at Work

Photo by  Thought Catalog  on  Unsplash

Adulting is hard. 

And guess what? It's hard for everyone. 

So instead of complaining, what if you just got better? Better at handling the stress. Better at managing your calendar. Better at giving yourself a break.  I used to think I was special and that I had more stuff on my plate than anyone else (ALERT! Martyr Syndrome in action!). And then I learned that the people I looked up to had even more than me to manage ... but they did it differently.


That realization was an eye opener for me on what it takes to be successful. 

Things that hold you back:

  • Being negative and complaining
  • Telling others how busy you are
  • Letting frustration get to you


This stuff is going to happen to us (WE ARE HUMAN AND THAT IS OK) - but when we get better we learn how to reduce how much it bothers us. We learn how to overcome frustrations and setbacks more quickly instead of letting them fester and then projecting those feelings (ahem, pessimism, martyr syndrome, stress) into our relationships at work. 

It doesn't get easier. We get better.