Creating a Leadership Bootcamp

If you're in Organizational Development like me, you work with leaders who have a variety of needs. The most common needs I see are:

  • New to role and have no idea how to manage people
  • Feeling devalued because they're not being developed
  • Aren't succeeding at a managerial role and need an intervention

One way to help these managers is by creating a Leadership Bootcamp. The goal? Inspire managers to take their skills to the next level. 

I'm leading one next week. Here's the agenda: 

  1. Each executive (we have 7) is going to guest speak for 15 minutes. Can you think of a better way to show a leader that they're valued than by giving them face time with the executives? It's also a way to inspire those that are struggling. 
  2. Decoding Leadership Styles - in my experience, switching leadership styles depending on the needs of the employee is a critical skill that most leaders don't have. 
  3. Giving Feedback - another critical skill that most leaders aren't doing. They're either just saying "good job" (see my post about giving positive feedback) or don't give effective constructive feedback that actually changes behaviors. 
  4. How not to get in trouble with HR - how many leaders do you have who know all the HR "stuff" they have to deal with? Let's teach them how to put an employee on leave or what to do when they need to put someone on a performance improvement plan.
  5. 360 Feedback Survey - I created an in-house 360 that leaders must take as part of the bootcamp. At the end of bootcamp they look at the results and start action planning. Then, I follow up with 1:1 coaching. 

Leaders need to be developed. What are you doing?