The One Thing Nobody Talks About When it Comes to Being Busy


This morning I bribed my kids with goldfish before 8:00am so we could get out the freaking door and I could get to work. Because I'm busy.

This morning you looked at your to do list and decided what was important to do and what wasn't going to happen. Because you're busy. 

SHOCKER. We are all busy.

And yet this is what we say all the time to everyone: I'm really busy. I was too busy to do that. I'm so busy tomorrow. Things are good - I've just been so busy!


What if you stopped using that word? I've been working on this for a few weeks now and it's had a huge impact. Because now, instead of saying those "busy" statements, I say this: I didn't make time for that or I'm not making time for that.

Think about how a conversation changes when you say "I didn't make time for that today" instead of saying "Hey I'm sorry I didn't get to that spreadsheet update but I've-just-been-so-busy."

It makes you think twice, doesn't it? It doesn't feel good to tell someone you didn't make time for them.

Saying you're too busy is an excuse that makes us feel better about not being accountable and puts the blame on our calendar. Our job. Our life. It's easy to blame everything on that stuff.

But we're really the ones in control of how busy we are. And if you want to be influential at work or a servant leader for your team, then eliminating the word busy from your vocabulary is critical. Because even though others don't say it out loud, we know that when we hear a busy statement that it's just an excuse.

If you try this out, I'd love to know how it works for you! Reply to this email and let me know!