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Feedback Essentials


We get it. It's hard. It makes you sweat. You practice, then forget what it was you wanted to say. Something unexpected happens during the conversation and you get flustered. FEEDBACK IS HARD. 

But we make it easy. The Feedback Essentials Guide is 25 pages of pure goodness. Starting with an easy positive feedback model, the guide then gives a 4-step constructive feedback process that will knock your socks off. Or at least keep you from sweating so much. 

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LinkedIn Essentials


Yes, LinkedIn is a social media platform. And yes, hiring managers and recruiters check you out on there. And yep - you should have an active LinkedIn presence. 

But! Not all social media platforms are created equally.

LinkedIn has it's own quirks and best practices that, once you know them, will make you stand out like a rock star. This guide to looking awesome on LinkedIn is a must-have in your professional toolkit.

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 Productivity Essentials


Do you sit down at your desk on Monday morning, completely overwhelmed? Or make a to do list, only to feel less accomplished by the end of the day? Organizing your day doesn't have to be like this!

With the CLT Leads unique daily planner, you'll find a new way of tackling your day. Utilizing the widely popular important / urgent matrix, our approach to productivity is unlike any other daily planner we've seen. You're going to love it.