CLT Leads helps you be a badass at work by helping you take charge of your career and transform into a leader.


Hi! I'm Tess.

I'm an expert on self-awareness and confidence at work. I want to help you be so amazing that everyone sees you as the expert and an influencer and a leader.

And if you've landed here, that makes me your tour guide on the next stop of your journey in your professional career. 

And you're in luck, because I've been there, done that, and have come back to tell you how.

I used to be a wimp at work. Letting people walk all over me. Doubting my abilities. Never speaking up. Then I took charge of my career and transformed myself and increased my awesomeness at work. And I can do the same for you.


I started out as a high school teacher. Moved to the corporate world. Worked my way up through numerous promotions. Started my own consulting business.

I navigated the politics and unwritten rules that exist at every job, grew my career, became a sought after subject matter expert, and lived to tell about it.

I've created this little corner of the internet for you.

I want to help YOU gain the confidence and self-awareness you need to kick ass at work and be a leader.

Because if you have influence, then you're a leader. So why not be an awesome one?

How does it work?

Keep scrolling.

I share most of my expert advice and tips on social media. Because I'm a millennial (did I just say that out loud?) and that's what we do.

I also have an exclusive CLT Leads VIP group, where I share my best content and insider access to all of my programs.

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